Our mission

To conduct research in physical sciences and technology at the international level. To transform its research findings into practical applications. To promote recent achievements in naturalsciences.

IPT science and research priorities to 2020

  • Quantum theory;
  • High energy particles and nuclear interactions;
  • Solid-state physics, and physical and technological research on functional materials;
  • Sono- and photobiophysics, spectroscopy
  • Alternative energy technologies and radiation physics;
  • Physics electronics, automation theory, experimental and information technology, and computational studies.


The Institute of Physics and Technology of Mongolian Academy of Sciences is one of the oldest and largest scientific research institution of our country. The institute was founded as the Institute of Natural Science in 1961. Since its establishment, nameof the institute has been changed as following; the Institute of Physics and Chemistry in 1964, the Institute of Physics and Mathematics in 1968, the Institute of Physics and Techniques in 1973 and the Institute of Physics and Technology in 1996.

The Institute of Nature (1964), the Institute of Chemistry (1968), the Institute of Mathematics (1973), MONEL electronics company (1988), Sector of Seismology (1991), the Research Center for Space (1991), the Research Center for Astronomy (1991), the Institute of Informatics (1988) and The Nuclear Research Center with Microtron accelerator (1997) were branched from the institute.    

There are now six research departments:

  • Department of Theoretical physics
  • Department of Elementary particle Nuclear physics
  • Department of Materials science
  • Department of Biophysics
  • Department of Technics & Technology
  • Department of Informatics. 

The institute has over 140 staff members including scholars who study abroad. Today we are proud of 8 academicians, over 70 PhDs and 7 state honored members of our institute. The IPT is making efforts to promote the practical employment of physics and technology innovations.

At present, the institute carries out fundamental research in more than ten physics and technology fields such as theoretical physics, nuclear and elementary particle physics, solid-state physics, biophysics, optical spectroscopy, nanotechnology of fuel cells, thermal physics and research of rare earth elements. We are also engaged in several applied researches in electronics, automation, introduction of nuclear technology achievements into practice, and transformation of solar energy into the electrical and thermal energy.

The Institute of Physics and Technology has devoted substantial attention to international collaboration and academic exchange. So far, many cooperative programs have been carried out with over 20 institutes, universities and laboratories in Russian Federation, Germany, USA, Republic of Korea and People’s Republic of China, Czech, and Japan, etc. Furthermore, we have a wide range of opportunities to run exchange programs, and present our scientific findings to well-known international scientific publishers. We are committed to being one of the soundest members of world family of physicists.

 IPT structure

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Institute of Physics and Technology
Enkhtaivan avenue 54b, Bayanzurkh district, Ulaanbaatar 13330, Mongolia

 +976 11 452313
 +976 11 458397